How Do We Work?

It all starts with a phone call. Once you get in contact with me, we’ll find time to have a free, introductory session. We’ll talk about why you would like to have coaching, what I can do for you, how long the process might take, and what the costs might be. If I don’t think that I can be of assistance to you, I’ll tell you up front. If I think coaching is right for you, but it is not my area of expertise, then I’ll be happy to refer you to another coach who specializes in your area of coaching.

But let’s think positively here. If we agree that I can help you on that path, we’ll arrange a regular time to meet via telephone. Why via telephone? It gives you a chance to speak with me from a place where you feel comfortable, centered, and calm. There are no distractions, and I can really and fully listen to you. It also means that if you are traveling or out of the area, we can still meet to keep you on your journey.

Each session will usually start with a celebration — what you were able to do this week to help move you towards you goal. We’ll discuss challenges you might have encountered, and look at strategies you can take to overcome those challenges. At the end of the session, we’ll mutually agree on ‘homework’ for you so you can keep that movement going.

How we work is based on you. Do you need someone who is forthright with their opinion? Do you prefer gradual guidance? Are you the person who needs that reminder during the week to get you going? As your coach, I tailor my style around your needs. Every person is different, so my coaching has to be different, too. We’ll discuss this in our introductory meeting, too.

When you have reached that goal — congratulations! At that point, you may decide you need a break from coaching, or you may want to launch into the next journey in your life. I enjoy talking with each and every one of my clients, but always respect my clients time and wishes.