About Coaching

You may be wondering if coaching is the right choice for you. It’s a valid question and one I’m glad you asked! Let’s look at what coaching is and isn’t in order to help you in your decision.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is designed to look forward in your life. It is the realm of possibility. A coach uses a variety of tools and techniques, including questions, visualizations, and assessments, to help you focus on your strengths, your dreams, and your gifts. The coach then helps build a roadmap for you to use those unique and special gifts that you have to get to the next step, next job, or next phase of your life. Coaches help you tap your unrealized potential, clarify your thoughts, and move with you as you go on your journey.

Coaches aren’t counselors. While both disciplines are designed to help you with your future, counseling looks to help deal with something in your past and overcoming it. If you believe this is the case, that there is something in your past that might be impeding a happy future, your coach will be happy to recommend a qualified counselor, and will be there to help guide you to a bright future afterward.

Coaches don’t have a shortcut. Changing your life is a difficult thing. It can involve lots of heavy lifting. Your coach can be there to help spur you on, suggest ways of getting past obstacles, and keep you on track during that change, but it is you who have to take the journey. We’re the passenger in the car who keeps you going in the right direction.

Coaching can be long term, or only for a short duration. It will be for you and your coach to decide how long you would like their services, though it should not be for any shorter time that a few months. As with any goal, it takes a while to get to it successfully. Your coach will discuss with you the coaching plans he or she has and what the various costs are.

Long or short term, the goal of a coach is always the same. We want to help you on the path to an even more fantastic future for you!